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Apps for working more efficiently

Monday, November 21, 2016

We all want to use our time as productively as possible. Why not let your phone work for you? We’ve selected the following apps to help make your life more efficient and less hectic.

What do you do when you have a great idea, but you’re away from your computer or notebook? Braintoss encourages you to take a photo, write a note or record a message, and then sends your brilliant inspirations directly to your mailbox for later. You can create a handy overview of all your ideas by collecting them in a dedicated folder.

Making notes and to-do lists, saving audio, video, pictures and articles – you can do it all with Evernote. You don’t need post-its, to-do notebooks or bookmarks, because this useful productivity app gathers it all into one overview.

Do you wish your phone would automatically switch to silent mode when you arrive at the office? Want to receive emails that tell you you’ve missed a call? IF can handle it. Linking several apps, IF stands for If this, then that. So when a certain action takes place, IF links it immediately to the follow-up action you’ve set, giving you more time to focus on the task at hand.

Do you have a pile of emails, reports and articles to read? Accleread trains you to read more quickly and effectively, promising noticeable progress within 10 days. Its three progressively difficult levels help you refine your speed-reading skills gradually.

This brain-training app gives you a new set of challenges each day to help you improve your productivity and focus. Based on scientific research, Elevate trains you to see connections, and sharpens your memory, attention and problem-solving capacity. Choose the skills you’d like to improve and the app does the rest.

There are lots of apps out there for reading PDF and Word docs, but iAnnotate allows you to add text or notes and even highlight text. In this way you can go through documents wherever you are and then email them to yourself directly from the app.