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Fact to the Future Report 2023 l Issue One

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Conventional Energy professionals remain confident that both their current jobs and future employment opportunities are secure despite understanding the demand for fossil fuel projects will drastically reduce eventually. Fact to the Future is a series of short, insightful reports brought to you by Brunel. By surveying professionals within the Conventional Energy industry on a regular basis, we will create a timely and relevant overview of the current and future trends of the industry.

Key themes from the report

Conventional Energy projects are attractive to the younger generation

73 percent of Conventional Energy employees state that new and future projects are exciting enough to attract young professionals into the industry.

Fact to the future statistics Conventional Energy

LNG and FLNG projects appear to be the most desired projects for professionals in the industry to be involved in

The kinds of Conventional Energy projects that professionals are most interested in:

Fact to the future statistics Conventional Energy
Stephen Pollock

Gas projects are currently serving as catalysts for transformation, propelling the world towards a future where the high demand of energy works in closer synergy with the necessity to support the change to a cleaner and greener planet. As such, we see the motivation from specialists to work on gas related projects is higher than in the past

Stephen Pollock, Director - Asia and Global Driver Conventional Energy

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