Structure Designer


工作内容: Structure Designer

  • Creating sketches and models of proposed designs, including constructing scale models or computer models for visualization purposes;
  • Reviewing building plans to determine if structures will withstand natural disasters or meet safety codes;
  • Preparing reports detailing structural designs, including materials used, load-bearing capacity, and construction methods used;
  • Designing structures such as buildings and bridges based on architectural plans and engineering requirements;
  • Conducting stress tests on existing structures to identify areas of weakness or vulnerability;
  • Creating drawings that show how each element of a structure will be constructed and how it will be assembled with other elements;
  • Evaluating the strength of materials used in construction to ensure they meet industry standards;
  • Calculating the amount of material needed to build structures according to specifications;
  • Identifying possible design flaws in existing structures and recommending improvements.


  • Degree in structural engineering, civil engineering or architecture;
  • 5-10 years of experience in similar field;
  • Sound knowledge in CAD software;
  • Ability to communicate fluently in English, Arabic / Turkish is desirable.



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