Source Inspector -Abu Dhabi (UAE)


工作内容: Source Inspector -Abu Dhabi (UAE)

  • Conduct continuous in-process surveillance, questioning, and auditing to ensure work task is being undertaken in accordance with all client and Industry Requirements;
  • Plan and conduct all inspection points in accordance with client and Industry Requirements;
  • Plan and manage customer inspection points with client / client representative;
  • Collaborate with Suppliers’ Employees and Management to instill correct Quality Behaviours and create an Environment to support Suppliers to develop this Behaviour;
  • Check all Supplier documentation diligently in order to ensure Supplier documentation is delivered on time, defect free, and using client process;
  • In the event of any activity causes defect, immediately collaborate with client internal Customers and thereafter formalize defect through formal reporting in a diligent manner;
  • Plan and Conduct Monthly Performance review with Supplier Execution Management team using data provided for the prior month – Safety, PONC, Quality, and Delivery;
  • Propose Recognition for correct Quality Behaviours noted in the Suppliers Organization;
  • Collaborate with SQE in managing Quality performance and to secure necessary assistance required to improve Quality Behaviours, to make work processes ZD capable, and to provide training which is outside personal scope of responsibility;
  • Create all necessary reporting diligently and formally upload to SAP in a timely manner;
  • Facilitate Collaboration between Internal Suppliers and Customers to clarify requirements where necessary;
  • Participate in project review meetings with customers and suppliers and pre-production reviews with Supplier and Product Responsible QA Engineers.


    • ASNT Level II Inspector (MT/UT/PT);
    • Diploma in engineering field;
    • 5 years QA and QC inspection in Oil and Gas field;
    • Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) and Coating Inspection;
    • Knowledge of manufacturing processes, raw material review, NDE testing, and Coating inspection;
    • Experienced in Process Auditing;
    • Collaborative skills required in order to achieve Purpose;
    • Ability to work independently to achieve goals and present results succinctly;
    • Possess good PC skills including MS Office software.



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