Painter Supervisor


工作内容: Painter Supervisor

  • Comply with the specification, control and monitoring the site painting activities;
  • Ensure the Blasting and Painting activities carried out as per the Client specification;
  • Responsible for complete quality control for Blasting and Painting works, Procedures, Standards etc.;
  • Prepare documentation like painting procedures, ITP, galvanizing procedures, or any other procedures required by the client;
  • Review the painting specification from the painting manufacturer and clarify it if necessary.
  • Obtain painting specification approval from the client;
  • Inspect the delivered paint materials with batch numbers and ensure the materials tally with the specification;
  • Arrange the qualification test for Blaster / Painter and certify them;
  • Check the calibration date for the measuring devices before commencing the project and arrange for re-calibration if it expires;
  • Maintain the measuring tools safe and tidy;
  • Notification of inspection should be sent to the respective clients on time;
  • Pre-inspect the module at each stage prior to request clients inspection and ensure the quality meets the specification prior to contacting clients;
  • All the non-conformance, observations should be closed and get client approval;
  • Making painting reports on time and gets client approval;
  • Coordinate with external parties in technical details;
  • Review Consultant design / technical details;
  • Coordinate with project team drawing consultation phase.


  • Minimum 4 Years Experience as a Painting Supervisor in the Marine or Oil & Gas Industry.
  • Good communicative skills, PC literate, able to interact with people of all levels and work well on a team.



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