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工作内容: Logistics Coordinator

We are currently hiring a Logistics Coordinator for our petrochemical client. The Logistics Coordinator will be responsible for providing temporary facilities and coordinating special services to support employees and contractors. The Logistics Coordinator will work closely with staff and contractors to identity their needs and provide effective support. This is a one-year contract opportunity.


  • Provide excellent customer service through the recruitment process and ensure the administration of the process is managed efficiently and effectively.
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive site plan for all temporary facilities (both company & contractor) and coordinate the installation, maintenance and removal of all trailers and equipment.
  • Ensure that Sustaining and Growth capital project plot space needs are included in the master plan.
  • Coordinate with the Property & Services Group to ensure facilities are mobilized to meet milestone dates and ensure all facilities/equipment meet regulatory standards.
  • Coordinate the supply and installation of temporary utilities, furniture, computers, copiers etc.
  • Coordinate waste handling and disposal to ensure a cost effective and timely service that meets all regulatory requirements.
  • Define the strategy for valve repair and manage the valve contractor.
  • Develop and implement a plan for wash bay operations.
  • • Develop and implement a transportation plan to manage truck rentals, work force transportation, traffic controls, parking, vehicle passes, special signage, and other transportation issues.
  • Assist the RC Specialist in developing the strategy, implementation plan and required facilities/resources for Site Orientation training for all personnel associated with the TA.
  • Develop and manage a Logistics Budget that is part of the overall TA Expense Budget.
  • Develop and implement a plan for scaffold holding yards
  • Ensure facility Turnaround requirements for personnel are determined and met (i.e. radios, computers, etc.).

    Turnaround Planning Phase

  • Identify the number of trailers required and ensure the services to these trailers are available at lowest possible cost to the organization (e.g. power, sewer, water, phones, computer cables, etc.), determine the trailer locations
  • Develop plans for all equipment and facilities
  • Coordinate mobilization of all temporary facilities prior to the execution window.
  • Develop a detailed plot plan that documents the location of trailers, material drop-off’s, tool cribs, wash-bays, smoke shelters, etc. Keep the plan evergreen and updated.
  • Ensure the installation of temporary facilities and trailers meet the regional standards and have the appropriate permits and approvals.
  • Identify furniture requirements for supplied trailers.
  • Oversee contract for janitorial requirements for supplied trailers.
  • Develop a plan to manage the valve yard including contractor responsibilities, procedures, tracking mechanism, valve tagging, yard supervision and gas testing.
  • Identify requirements for radios and set up contract. Also set up a method for tracking radios issued to personnel
  • Develop the transportation plan.
  • Ensure contractors parking lot has appropriate lighting and has been graded/magnetized prior to work force coming on site
  • Set up budget for consumable items with operations
  • Work with the Planning group to establish requirements for spec/ isolation and flange blinds and arrange for the required rentals.
  • Work with Purchasing to ensure contracts are set up for waste management, sanitary waste disposal, portable toilets, etc.
  • Work with Purchasing to ensure appropriate facilities are installed to support the processes for materials management, tool cribs and rental equipment.
  • Work with TA Cost Controller to establish the Logistics budget and spend forecast in support of the overall turnaround budgeting process.

    Turnaround Execution Phase

  • Ensure all facilities are maintained in a safe hygienic manner (oversee janitorial services)
  • Perform routine inspections for safety requirements on all temporary facilities
  • Monitor parking requirements
  • Monitor budgets for consumable items
  • Support Waste management and Wash pads with any logistical needs
  • Support Responsible Care in coordination of safety concerns outside of the battery limits, traffic, parking etc.

    Turnaround Post Phase

  • Coordinate timely demobilization of facilities and return of all rental equipment. Ex. Portable lights, compressors
  • Conduct post TA close out review for the Logistics function.
  • Coordinate passes for removal of trailers off site
  • Coordinate material removal passes with all contractors on site
  • Ensure all radios are returned to contacts
  • Ensure all blinds are returned to
  • Update turnaround manual



  • 2 year technical school diploma with 10+ years of related experience OR 12+ years combination of post secondary technical education and related experience OR 12+ years of progressive experience in a manufacturing discipline or equivalent technology environment.
  • Computer efficiency is essential
  • An absolute commitment to Responsible Care
  • A demonstrated ability to learn and apply new technical concepts in a timely manner
  • The ability to work effectively and contribute within a team environment
  • Strong problem solving / analytical skills
  • The ability to take initiative and be proactive in actions
  • The ability to complete multiple tasks in a fast paced, stressful environment
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal


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