Head Procurement


工作内容: Head Procurement

Overall establish and maintain alignment with the PMT on project Procurement, Expediting, Materials, Logistics, Customs and Site needs, objectives and requirements.•Establish compliance with project procurement processes and procedures:
-Establish project coordination procedures for procurement, and oversee the development of other coordination procedures -Review and approve Contractor’s procurement related procedures and processes.-Document any Risks and Lessons Learned.
•Develop and execute Procurement Plans that support the project’s goals and objectives:-Work with Contractor to develop and implement overall and individual purchasing plans (seek input from Project Sourcing Specialists as appropriate).-Review and implement Contractor’s Purchasing, Expediting and Materials Management plans including plans for purchase of spare parts and bulk materials.
-Develop Closeout and Materials Reconciliation plan, including Surplus Material Management.-Document any Risks and Lessons Learned.•Communicate with PMT on project procurement activities, progress and issues:
-Report schedule and cost data to PMT with regards to all procurement activities.-Maintain close liaison with appropriate members of PMT (Engineering, Quality, Logistics, Construction and Source Inspection Coordinator) during execution and post award activities.-Advise PMT of procurement issues and steps being taken to mitigate any risks and consequences.
•Manage Contractor’s procurement and expediting activities -Ensure Contractor’s compliance to approved contractor procedures and prime contract coordination procedures.
-Review and modify, as necessary, Contractor’s purchasing and contracting documents to ensure compliance with Company’s requirements including terms and conditions of the contract and all relevant exhibits.-Review Contractor’s compliance with Company’s prevention of information brokering and business ethics guidelines.-Assist Contractor in evaluating prospective key vendors and close liaison with the Procurement Quality Surveillance personnel.-Ensuring compliance with the contract Project Vendor List as required.
-Ensure procurement documents produced by Contractor are of acceptable quality (complete, clear).-Assist Contractor with the creation of the Procurement Status Report and Expediting Status Report ensuring all data is in line with the approved Level III Project Plan.-Plan for effective use of Contractor’s materials management system.-Ensure Contractor effectively manages procurement interfaces between Client, Suppliers and all other relevant EPC’s.
-Appraise Contractor’s performance and maintain the agreed Key performance Indicators to be reported weekly.-Ensure Logistics and Customs procedures are created and in compliant with relevant local government bodies and appropriate authorities.-Resolve any materials-related issues or claims derived from OS&D’s or NCR’s issued at delivery to site.-Cooperate with IPR and audit teams with respect to all procurement and expediting activities.
-Ensure orderly turnover of project materials (with regards to procurement) to the operating organization.•Provide Spare Parts Coordination for the project
-Interface with project overall Spare Parts Coordinator for planning, process, expectations and to align synergies.-Understand the schedule and identify key interface points.-Establish and implement plan for spare parts management and coordinate spares acquisition process.-Provide oversight of the EPCM spare parts related activities including obtaining the Required Spare Parts List (RSPL) data and Spare Parts Interchangeability Records (SPIR’s).
-Work issues as appropriate to ensure materials and equipment are received at required location and in line with the project schedule.•Provide subcontracting administration support as required


  • Demonstrate understanding of procurement best practices
  • Intermediate to Expert Equipment and Materials Purchasing Skills (e.g. engineered equipment/bulks)
  • Strong analytical, leadership, negotiation and communication skills
  • Ability to operate autonomously on a result orientated basis handling multiple diverse task
  • Excellent organisational and communication skills
  • Ability to work under pressure and manage constantly changing priorities
  • Minimum of 10 years management/supervisory experience on Major Projects
  • BA/BS Preferred



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