Electrical & Instrument Inspector


工作内容: Electrical & Instrument Inspector

  • Executes the specific inspections on materials, equipment and construction/installation activities on site;
  • Issues the relevant QAN-Quality Advise Note and, when necessary, writes and sends to QC Supervisor non-conformances reports, update the corrective action progress by weekly basis;
  • Work with E&I Construction to rectify Client Site Issue, update the progress by weekly basis;
  • Checks cable pulling, laying routing, bending radius, spacing between instrument cable, power cable (Low Voltage, Medium Voltage, High Voltage), tie wrapping, physical damage, and cable identification, tagging, Marking, numbering, etc as per spec, and AFC drawing, and cable schedule;
  • Check cable glanding, follow gland specification (universal Gland, or Barrier Gland, Brass gland or nickel-plated gland, sizing, etc);
  • Witnessing wiring terminations, correct ferruling/cable lug types and sizing, relevant loop checks, based on AFC-wiring, layout drawing;
  • Witnessing cable cores Continuity Test, Insulation Test/Meagering;
  • Work with preservation team to energize Motors/Generators, Space heaters, insulation test start from receiving until handover to commissioning;
  • Advise Mechanical Completion Team to updates as built drawings (if necessary);
  • Perform punch-listing operations while performing MC-ITR (Mechanical Completion-Inspection & Test Records);
  • Checks power transformers, switchboard, accumulator battery, socket outlet, lighting system, Turbine Generators, Compressors;
  • Performs visual inspections, dimensional test, checks rating and material for connection;
  • Performs tests of continuity, insulation resistance for above ground cabling underground cabling;
  • Witnessing Calibration of Safety valves, shutdown valve;
  • Witnessing calibration of instruments;
  • Checks installation of instruments, Wiring, lay out based on AFC-wiring, layout drawing.


  • 3-year Diploma in Technical Engineering. Preferred : BSC in Electrical or instrumentation;
  • 10+ years Quality control or related experience in Weld, Paint, Material Electrical, Instrumentation, Telecommunication and Equipment Inspection.



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