Cloud Reliability Engineer


工作内容: Cloud Reliability Engineer

“Provide embedded expertise and a highly automated
platform to simplify and streamline delivery of app functionality.”

measurements of success for the squad are:

  • To deliver work as reusable services, patterns,
    processes or libraries.
  • Write case studies to conclude any business initiative;
    these could be used as templates for other work.
Design an Internal Development Platform - This
should organically evolve from doing each consumer initiative. A design would
help identify different components of such a platform and provide a vision to
the squad.

Experience we're looking for:

  • Must have skills and experience:
    • At Least 2 years of Team Lead experience.
    • Demonstrable experience with building and running applications in Cloud.
    • Demonstrable experience with building API’s.
    • Demonstrable experience with building Data intensive applications.
    • Demonstrable experience with building automated devops workflows and release management.
    • Demonstratable agile product development
    • Proficiency in AWS cloud using cloud native services.
    • Proficiency in Python and Javascript.
    • Proficiency in Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools. CDK and Terraform.
    • A good opinion of a “well architected” application.
  • Desirable skills and experience:
    • Proficiency with Azure or Google cloud
    • Terraform cloud


The Work:

Lead a cloud migration squad accountable for migrating and modernize applications to the Cloud.

Key measurements of success for the squad are:

  • Perform app inventory; create/manage migration plan
  • Liaise with app business and technical owners
  • Tech assessments and cloud optimization recommendations
  • Mentoring and support for new, transitioned resources
  • Support app migration and ongoing operations of transitioned apps
  • Enable end-state resource migration to service teams
  • Create executive program reports



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