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About this role

A Senior Geomodeller with more than 15 years of experience, well knowledgeable about the challenges and complexities of Kuwait exploration history. This is expected to bring the following additional value to the Exploration group.


  • Building and updating the geological models (static models) from data quality control to final documentation of hydrocarbon in place and E2P transfer of the whole project. The geomodelling and geological activities to be conducted are related mainly, but not inclusively, to the Northern and Western fields of Kuwait as well as Kuwait Bay and Offshore areas;
  • Integrate naturally fractured reservoir characterization to build DFN (Discrete Fracture Network) model and subsequently to integrate DFN model results with Static model significantly to optimize sweet spots for tight reservoirs;
  • Follow up the on-going G&G Studies and projects conducted and planned for the reservoirs in the whole of Kuwait with especial focus on the strategic objectives/projects. These studies are focused mainly on petroleum systems, geophysics, geology. Petrophysics, integrated G&C play, and prospect studies;
  • Work on different reservoirs (conventional, unconventional, heavy oil, tight, etc.) with varying risks of Exploration and Identify main success elements of each petroleum system in each play type;
  • Review for the previous, on-going and future studies and well locations released to be drilled, perform risking and ranking for all locations using both Petrel and GeoX software for a chance of success maps generation;
  • Particular expertise in data integration and evaluation for the stratigraphic reservoirs entrapment In Kuwait;
  • The Geomodeller will oversee, prepare and document the various Prospects risks and combined it with the on-going activities pre, syn and post drilling planning of file locations. Consult and recommend the required geological data and studies needed for optimum reservoir characterization;
  • To coordinate and follow up on the prospect evaluation requirements and objectives to be achieved with the operations, especially with the drilling operations and logging;
  • Advise on the well logs needed for optimum logging cost, formation evaluation as well as selecting the cored intervals, and the identification of the technologies necessary to recover the essential data for optimum prospect evaluation;
  • Knowledge transfer by mentoring and coaching UD‘s of the prospect evaluation with the full exploration cycle, from play fairway analysis to operation, and well completion bath theoretical and software-based.


    Mandatory Requirements:

    • Experience: more than 15 years of experience;
    • Working experience in Carbonate depositional setting.;
    • Integrating diverse interpretation seismic, petrophysics, core sedimentology and well test;
    • Skilled in building 3D Static model and Static model based uncertainty estimation;
    • Skill in standard model building software, preferably Petrel;
    • Experience in Working tight / fractured carbonate reservoir;
    • Experience in Fracture Network Modelling, Carbonate, Tight reservoirs;
    • Fractured Reservoirs, Exploration;
    • Experience in Exploration Studies;
    • Tight and Fractured Carbonate Reservoir Modelling;
    • Building Discrete Fracture Network (DFN) model;
    • Mandatory skills/tools: Petrel;
    • Business Unit: Reservoir Technical Services.

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