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What should an international relocation package include - Part 2

Is your company relocating an employee overseas for the first time? If so, your company may not have a relocation policy in place, and perhaps not much knowledge of what relocation support you should offer your employee.

Read on to discover what points you could consider for inclusion in your relocation package or policy to ensure your employee is not left high and dry when it matters.

We have broken down the assignment cycle into three stages: pre-assignment, on assignment, and end of assignment. In part 2 of the international relocation package, we will consider some points for when the assignee is relocating.

Getting your assignee on location is the first part of the relocating process, but there are several aspects that have to be taken into account once the assignee is relocated. In part 3 of the International relocation package we will discuss the factors that you will need to consider when the assignee is on location. Relocating an employee can be a challenging job for companies with no experience in this field. It is therefore important to work with a trusted partner with extensive knowledge in global mobility. 

Whether you’re moving your entire company or individual experts, your people need to feel at home and be up and running immediately at their new location. Brunel offers customisable, digital and flexible mobility services to ensure the smoothest transitions possible. From individually budgeted spending to full and extensive global mobility programs, Brunel offers the right solutions and supports your people every step of the way.