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Renewables - Demanding creative staffing solutions

The chameleons of the recruitment world

Creative staffing solutions

With so much innovation comes plenty of scheduled projects. Projects are generally only considered a success when they’re planned and executed on time and on budget. Staffing such projects is a resourcing challenge – finding candidates with the right experience often means looking for transferable skills and experience. A wide variety of roles are usually required, including manufacturing, project management, electronic engineering, software engineering, automotive engineering, field technicians, risk management, health and safety management and construction experts. 
Finding candidates with these skills means sourcing them from other industries. It means looking at a candidate’s experience in detail and identifying the skills that are transferable. In other words, it means finding a chameleon, someone who has all the right ingredients and who can quickly adapt and change to their new surroundings.

Experience counts

With huge projects on the horizon, clients are looking for capable, experienced partners who can identify these chameleons as well as deliver volume. It’s not always easy to find such a partner; experience within project recruitment delivery in this industry is often elusive. 
Brunel is a company with precisely this experience and as with the renewables industry, we have the innovation and expertise to deliver complete solutions to help our clients meet their objectives.